A neck warmer/button scarf



I have seen some neck warmers/button scarves online.  What a brilliant idea I thought.  Warm and snuggly, but not huge and bulky.  I know that sometimes a big scarf isn’t the best option, even in cold weather.  In particular when wearing a smart jacket (I’m rather fond of my tweed jacket).  So, a fitted scarf to keep my neck warm and keep the draft out is perfect.

I was having a break in Scotland in February with my BF.  We were on the Isle of Mull.  It was cold, very cold.  It was drizzly and damp, but it was still shockingly beautiful.  I think the cold and clouds just added to the drama of the place.  We were out and about each day, looking for eagles and other wildlife.  The highlights had to be seeing wild dolphins playing out in a loch, and wild otters in another lock.  If you haven’t been, I entirely recommend it. As we would return to the hotel each afternoon and have an hour or two before dinner, We would chill out and look through our wildlife photos or in my case, work on a warm and cosy piece of crochet.



I made up the neck warmer as I went along, and tried to shape it from the bottom up, narrowing as I go.  I used a soft and somewhat fluffy, variegated yarn inherited from my older sister.  I measured it against my own and my BF’s neck and when I figured it was ready, I added some button holes.  I then added a scalloped edge.  This made me think slightly old fashioned, Downton Abbey style, which of course is adds to the warm cosy feeling.  After the Scottish inspiration, I finished it off with a couple of big wooden buttons.  The finished product is a bit looser than I might have wanted, but It is something I’m going to develop and try again.


A much needed blanket




The past few months, I have felt like an over emotional deep fat fryer on the verge of being over filled. My older sister passed away in January and this has made every other part of my life quite a chore. It has definitely been difficult, and with it being exam time at work, the pressure is really on. Among this, I have made myself find time to crochet. My younger sister is due to have her second baby in the next two weeks, and what is more beautiful or happier than that? So I decided that I needed to make a baby blanket. I used some of the yarn from my older sister, and started crocheting. I chose the pink, cream, brown combination and a simple stripe in a ‘granny square’ stitch (I’m not sure if that’s the right name for the stitch)


When I started the blanket, I was at my mum’s house, and when I showed her the first few rows, her face was not impressed and she told me that it was rather plain and boring. However, once finished, and she saw how soft and snuggly it was as well as being rather girly but not over the top, she loved it.  As too did my sister when I gave it to her a few days ago.  Now all we need is the baby to give us all something wonderful to enjoy.