Where has the time gone?

I am sitting here eating the last toffee pennies from the tub of Quality Streets wondering just how has it been a year and a half since my last post.  I posted back in June 2014, when I was still getting g over my sisters death (although I probably always will be) and I was preparing to go in the holiday of a lifetime.  I did indeed go on an outrageously wonderful holiday but when I got back  things got even better. I found out in October 2014 that I was pregnant.  So since then life’s been all about growing the baby (exhausting) and taking care of the baby (even more exhausting). 
Now that he’s 7 months old I am finding a bit of energy, and thanks to a hard won routine, a bit of time in some days to write a few posts.  So hopefully I’ll be able to backdate some of my posts to cover the past 18 months. 


Not my grandmother’s blanket


This is a small cotton blanket I’ve just finished.  I made it from a ball of my grandmother’s cotton.  Although it isn’t huge and could only be used as a car seat blanket,  I’m quite pleased with it. 
I’ve never attempted anything like this before.  I had to redo certain parts of it several times,  much to the amusement of my partner.  I think he must like a woman who swears.   Even so,  I am looking for something a little more or are to try next time.