Alpacas round the corner.

Since moving out to the village I’ve  enjoyed getting out and going for walks.  The fields and trees are lovely and can leave me feeling quite inspired.  One my walks around, looking at pretty houses with cottage gardens, being cheaper at by robins and watching birds flying around, I go past a farm.   On this farm there are two alpacas and 2 emus. I’m now wondering if I should ask what happens to the alpaca wool once sheared.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to get locally grown wool, spin it and crochet it.  I just don’t know how to spin it.  The only problem is that the farm has some HUGE dogs running about.  Hmm.


A new challenge


I often buy crochet magazines and of course I save them all. This is much to my partner’s amusement as I regularly call him a Womble  for not being able to part with anything. In one of the early editions  there is a pattern for an open work wrap around top.  I’ve been wanting to make this for quite some time as it looks soft and easy to wear.  With my current post baby body I am always looking for non-clingy but pretty clothes.  I took a chance and ordered some yarn off eBay and I now have 500g of merino wool yarn for only £25.00. I though that was a good price. I’ve got my hook and my pattern and a few evenings in front of the TV these days. So here’s hoping I end up with something quite wearable.