Baby Blues

I have been invited to a baby shower.  I really dislike baby showers.  I find that I generally don’t know that many people and often can’t be bothered to get to know them.  There are ridiculous games based on toilet paper and bits of string and old photos.  There’s the obligatory present opening making you feel you ought to to get the baby grow from JoJo Maman Bebe rather than George at Asda as everyone will be watching.  There’s all the gushing and cooing over the mum when I’m thinking about the washing I left in the machine.  And, there’s the buffet which everyone must contribute to but which has no booze to numb the whole affair.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and will always go to their baby shower but I don’t enjoy this modern phenomenon.  I’d much prefer a cocktail party  or champagne lunch out.

So I’ve been invited to the baby shower for my partner’s step-sister’s second baby.  I don’t know her terribly well but she’s generally very nice.  But what to give?  We don’t know the sex of the baby.  She lives in a small house. I like to crochet.  So I’ve made a simple granny blanket in cream with pink/peach/purple flecks in it.  It is identical to one I made for my son, just a different yarn.  And that’s the problem. I bought the yarn from Wilkinsons.  I love that place.  But it was cheap.  I am happy with the finish and it drapes beautifully.  It’ll wash well but I’m feeling a little cheap.

Then for my niece who is expecting her 2nd (yes I’m already a great aunt)  I’ve made a set of crocheted balls.  Again, my own son plays with some I made him but I wonder if other people will feel the same way.  Do people prefer shop bought with the correct name brand of are they happy with homemade.  I guess I’m just going to find out.