How to improve


So I’ve finished the second cushion and I can truly say that I am rather impressed with how it has turned out.  The colours look great and the sunburst design is clear and strong.  I was tempted to keep it however it in no way fits into the style of our house.  There was compromise on both sides, and so it is not full of crocheted loveliness however we do have cushions on the sofas (that was one compromise).  I did however get to have an old welsh dresser, painted it up and use it as part of my ‘work corner’ along with my Nana’s old oak table.  This is the same Nana whose crochet hooks I now have, so when using them it’s like I am getting to share something with her even now.

So anyway I completed the cushion and the only thing I now want to improve on is the fastening.  I have again used wooden toggle buttons and this works fine, but trying to decide the best position on the cushion cover, and the best stitches to use is going to take a little trial and error.  I’m trying to get a polished look rather than a ‘that’ll do’ look.  So there is going to be a bit of research and experimentation happening now. 20160407_191639


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