Crochet and life

I remember being taught to knit as a young child and of course, I was rather good at producing unwitting triangles.  These were fine while playing with my Sindy dolls however not much use else where.  Then after university I was working evenings and had a good bit of free time during the day, so my older sister taught me to make granny squares.  I liked it.  Later that same year I moved to USA for 2 years and continued to crochet, albeit rather badly.  I used the internet to learn more and gradually began to get an understanding of the basics.  Granny squares were no longer exclusively within my realm of possibilities.  I could do lines and circles and combine stitches to get different looks.  The more I crocheted, the more I learned about tension, hooks and yarn types, realising that one pattern could vary hugely based on those three factors.  Since then I have continued to crochet, usually just making things up as I go (as I tend to with most things in life), but more recently starting to follow patterns.

Quite simply, crochet makes me happy and I love to do it and share what I have done with unsuspecting friends and family.


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