Roses from inside go outside


I have been so busy at work, with exams coming up and students needing extra support.  We then had an inspection last week, and that is a bit of a life shortener every time.  But, fortunately there has been a bit of rain and a half-term holiday.  These are a great combination as I have no desire to go out in the rain. So instead I did a bit of crochet.  As well as a turtle outfit for my niece -at the request of my sister- which I forgot to get a picture of, I started having a go at flowers.  

I needed something that I could start and finish in a short time to make me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.  I already have 2 blankets, a cardigan and a wrap in process.  So I thought I might try some wrapped flowers.  I started with 100 chain and then double crochet I then did scallops of 5 trebles.  All very straight forward.  But the end result was a little over crowded and squashed with the purple yarn, but worked quite well with the pink yarn.  I then tried a 50 chain and a row of doubles, I then added two trebles in each double.  Onto this 100, I added the scallops of 5 trebles.  When winding up the flower, the extra row stopped the squashed up look and allowed the flower to open out more.  I liked it, so made a couple more, as you can see in the picture.  I’m pretty happy, but feel that the large green cotton flower needs a little something in the middle, I feel a trip to my button box is in order.  


I mean, who doesn’t love a rummage through a button box.